The President has no right to sign the law on judicial reform – Samopomich

The Samopomich Union faction states that yesterday, having adopted changes to the procedural codes the parliament destroyed all the tools of Ukrainians to protect themselves in courts and during investigations. People’s deputies insist that the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada must correct this mistake, and the President should not sign this law under any conditions.

“People are born with the right to freedom and a fair trial. People trust the state only when they are sure that judges are just, independent, and that people have the tools to defend themselves in courts and under investigations. Yesterday you destroyed it all.

Today Ukrainians are helpless in the face of the totalitarian machine. Today there is no need for war. It has already happened.

Yesterday the Verkhovna Rada, or rather those criminals who have been destroying the Ukrainian state for 15 years, together with the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the Opposition Bloc, destroyed the Ukrainian state without an enemy, destroyed the Ukrainian judicial system.

By having destroyed the pre-trial investigation MPs acquitted without charge or trial the people who killed the Ukrainians at the frontline and during Maidan, released and acquitted those for whom they voted to be deprived of the parliamentary immunity.

The President has no right to sign the law. The Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada has no right to sign the law, and must correct this mistake.

If this does not happen and Ukraine will not have fair investigations, courts, and tools of protection, then there will be a terrible thing that will destroy the institutional state – lynching.

There is no need for war! It ended yesterday in favor of the enemy,” said the chairman of the faction Oleh Bereziuk.

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