Report “Evaluation of the effectiveness of management in the sphere of security and defence, based on the results of the parliamentary control”

Date: October 18, 2016
Time: 9:00 am
Venue: 18\2 Hrushevskoho Str., (Verkhovna Rada Committees), Room №11.
Since the quality of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is crucial for a country that is at war, Ukrainians should have a clear vision of what kind of Armed Forces the state is building for its protection and how it is doing this. People who in 2016 paid more than 55 billion hryvnias of taxes for the maintenance of the Armed Forces have the right to know how the soldiers are dressed and whether the clothes are of good enough quality, what kind of food they eat and whether it is good, where they sleep and whether they get enough rest, whether they get quality medical care, rehabilitation, and whether they have weapon and whether this weapon can help protect their lives and their land.
Security and defence sector in Ukraine is considered to be an “untouchable” realm, the one only for “those chosen”. The “state secret” hides both corruption schemes and the inability to effectively manage the Armed Forces. Despite the fact that the parliamentary control cannot be really effective in the field where everything is a state secret, it does not release the deputies from the obligation to exercise such control. The proposed report – is part of fulfilling our duty to the people. People’s deputies of Ukraine: Oksana Syroid, Olena Sotnyk, Taras Pastukh, Roman Semenukha.
For accreditation, please contact the press service of the Verkhovna Rada – phone (044) 255-26-35 or Iryna Tverdovska – phone 050-381-38-17.

Olena SotnykRoman SemenuhaСироїд ОксанаTaras Pastuh
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