The stance of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada regarding the imposition of martial law in connection with Russia’s aggressive actions in the Sea of Azov

Ever since the beginning of the Russian armed aggression Samopomich has been insisting on a clear recognition of the state of war and the occupation of our territories by Russia. However, at a time when Russia annexed the Crimea, shot down Ukrainian planes, killed our soldiers in Ilovaisk and Debaltseve, instead of imposing martial law, the President insisted on the format of the “Minsk Agreements”.

  1. Samopomich has been upholding the idea of introducing the martial law in the territories where military operations are conducted since 2014. This decision is necessary, first and foremost, for the protection of our military and statehood. In the conditions of war, for the sake of protecting our sovereignty, our military might restrict the rights and freedoms of people. Without the declaration of martial law, such restrictions are outlawed and endanger our military.
  2. The decision to impose martial law concerns the restriction of the rights and freedoms of every person in Ukraine. Therefore, in his Order, the President should have explained to people why martial law should be introduced, for what period and, most importantly, in what territories, which rights and freedoms would be restricted and why. Unfortunately, the President did not give answers to these questions in his Order. Samopomich insists that martial law should be introduced only in those territories where the use of the Armed Forces is necessary to repel Russia’s aggressive actions.
  3. The meeting of the parliament on the imposition of martial law must be open and public with no exceptions. In the case of martial law, the parliament should explain to people why it is introduced and what it means for each person.
  4. Martial law itself is not enough for warfighting and protection of Ukrainian soldiers. Samopomich demands that the President should submit for the parliament’s approval an Order on the use of the Armed Forces, as required by the Constitution. This will let our soldiers protect the people and the state.
  5. Samopomich insists that the Presidential Order on imposing martial law should establish clear mechanisms for the protection of private property during the martial law period, as well as compensation mechanisms in case of a forced violation of property rights. Russian aggression cannot be used by raiders. Unfortunately, the presented Presidential Order does not provide for this.
  6. In order to ensure the protection of critical infrastructure (power plants, electric networks, gas pipelines, water supply, telecommunication lines, etc.) under martial law, Samopomich requires the Cabinet of Ministers to immediately approve the list of critical infrastructure in accordance with the Law “On Basic Principles of Cybersecurity of Ukraine.” The government must stop the privatization of critical infrastructure, which has already begun, and impose a moratorium on the further privatization of critical infrastructure.
  7. Recent events in the Sea of Azov has shown that over more than four years the Supreme Commander-in-Chief has done nothing to prepare Ukraine for Russian aggressive actions at sea. Samopomich requires the President to personally report to the parliament on what has been done to strengthen our positions at sea.
  8. Samopomich demands from the President to break off diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation, from the Cabinet of Ministers – to introduce a visa regime for Russian citizens and to strengthen control at checkpoints with the Russian Federation. The President and the government must immediately submit to the parliament draft laws on the denunciation of bilateral treaties with the Russian Federation, which Russia has violated and Ukraine continues to implement unilaterally.
  9. The aggressive actions of Russia in the Sea of Azov have shown that the approach aimed at deterring Russian aggression, which was chosen in Minsk, is not working. The introduction of martial law in the fifth year of the war is proof of an absolute inaction and meaninglessness of the so-called “Minsk agreements”. The world community should unite in the application of new mechanisms for the effective containment of Russia and strengthening of sanctions.
  10. “Samopomich” emphasizes that after the introduction of martial law, the President of Ukraine, as the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, is personally responsible for everything that happens in the state.
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