Andriy Zhurzhiy: Decision on the dismissal of the leadership of the State Fiscal Service must be put to a vote as early as the next week

Yesterday, at the initiative of the Samopomich faction  and MP Andriy Zhurzhiy, a decree №5542 on recognition of the State Fiscal Service’s work unsatisfactory and on dismissal of senior management of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine – Roman Nasirov and Serhiy Bilan – was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Today, the document was approved by the Committee on Taxation and Customs Policy. The decision was supported by 38 deputies, among them representatives of “Petro Poroshenko Bloc”, “People’s Front” and “Fatherland”.

The explanatory note to the decision provides the facts of violations committed by the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman of the State Fiscal Service.

“We strive for this issue to be submitted for the Parliament’s consideration as early as the next session week. We want every MP to express their position, and the public to see who really protects Ukrainian business from the arbitrariness of the leadership of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, and who covers illegal transactions of Mr. Nasirov and Mr. Bilan,” says Andriy Zhurzhiy.

We shall remind that the Samopomich Union faction has launched stop-bastards.complatform, where every entrepreneur whose rights have been illegally violated by the employees of the State Fiscal Service can leave a complaint.

Andrij Zhurzhij
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