Officials of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” robbing their company of millions of dollars

Officials of “Naftogaz of Ukraine” are stealing millions of dollars from their company, according to internal documents of the national joint-stock company.

Meanwhile, millions of Ukrainians pay Naftogaz the so-called “market” price for gas, giving the last money from their pockets. I have a question – when will this criminal disgrace end?

Today, one of the media has published official documents of “Naftogaz” about abuses at this State Company when selling gas in the domestic market and when buying gas from “Ukrtransgaz” for its technological needs.

The cynicism of Naftogaz “effective managers” with “market wages” is impressive.

In November last year, the national joint-stock company made a decision to sell its gas from underground storage facilities to private companies with a discount to the market price. Then, private companies sell gas to “Ukrtransgaz”, but with a premium to the market price.

In the course of December-January alone, only one private company, “ERU TRADING”, of the new head of the Naftogaz gas direction, Favorov, earned $ 2.2 million – 60 million hryvnias – on these deals!

Just think about it! Just a couple of months of the heating season, just one single company, just one single deal. Who do these talented young people from Naftogaz take us for?

When the whole country looks at the story with “Ukroboronprom” and calls it looting, how do you call what “Naftogaz” is doing right now? Gas looting? Mockery of dead social guarantees?

It is ugly to even think about what Naftogaz has become in recent years. Hopeless disruption of the program aimed at increasing gas production. Failed unbundling. Loss of negotiating capacity with regard to gas transit. Lack of clear prospects to get at least something for the successful Stockholm arbitration. A worldwide shame with multi-million bonuses for some people. And so on.

Where is at least some effect from the repeated increase in gas prices? Where is “Naftogaz” heading? Where are its financial flows going? These questions remain with no answers.

I believe that we need to make urgent radical personnel decisions in connection with the numerous failures and signs of crimes in the actions of the company’s leadership. The government’s inaction in this regard should be also considered criminal.

For my part, I am doing everything that I have the authority to do. On the basis of the signs of crimes revealed in the documents of “Naftogaz”, I am sending an appeal to NABU.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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