“Poroshenko brought Medvedchuk back into politics and let him make a fortune” – Oleksandra Drik

Thanks to the TV channels which have been bought, Medvedchuk and his party are going to get into the parliament. There they will try to implement legislation favourable to Russia, in particular, the federalization of Ukraine. And there will be nobody to oppose them in the new parliament.

Oleksandra Drik, the third number of the Samopomich electoral list, announced this on the TV channel 24. According to her, such opportunities for Putin’s friend were created by the ex-president Poroshenko. He let Medvedchuk “make a fortune” on diesel through his henchmen in the Anti-Monopoly Committee and, as a result, buy up most of the country’s news channels.

“Where do I see a huge threat? Parliament will be 70-80% renewed. And, according to ratings, not a single political force that could oppose Medvedchuk’s party is going to get there. Not a single political force with a pro-Ukrainian state position and experience in parliament. Medvedchuk is a skillful fraud who will outsmart and deceive young MPs, no matter how ingenious they might be. Especially in the first years of parliament’s work,” Drik explained.

She notes that there are many questions to the leader of the pre-election ratings. The party, which will obviously receive more than 100 seats in parliament consists of people who are not united by anything. To some of them there are big questions because they have a frankly anti-Ukrainian position. And there are also many people about whom we do not know what they are going to do in parliament.

“What prevents Medvedchuk from bribing them? Consequently, the question arises – who will have a majority in parliament? Therefore, in order to prevent this, it is vital to ensure the presence of experienced, pro-Ukrainian state forces in parliament. Samopomich is one of such forces. When there are reliable political forces that have been through various battles, have learned to resist, I am convinced that they will defend the pro-Ukrainian position,” said Oleksandra Drik.

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