“More than 80% of the Samopomich parliamentary list will consist of fresh faces” – Sadovyi

The principle of “looking for new people” will continue to dominate in the Samopomich party. This was announced by its leader Andriy Sadovyi during the party congress.

“The future list will have more than 80% of fresh faces. We have already formed the basis. It consists of MPs who have already gained parliamentary experience, and party members will vote to determine the former’s places in the list. Meanwhile, 80% will consist of our leaders from the regions, the leaders of unions and professional organizations, people who deserve to work for the state in this difficult time. The Samopomich list will bring together a lot of cool people,” said Sadovyi.

In addition, party candidates will be rated on the basis of “open lists” principle. “We all support the law on the proportional system with open lists, after all, don’t we? Therefore, as a party, we will apply these principles ourselves in order to make the selection of parliamentary candidates as open and transparent as possible. It is not Sadovyi to decide who will be where on the list, but our regional offices, the party congress.

A lot of those who got scared of this system are leaving. But those who remain here, who continue supporting each other – will head for victory,” noted Sadovyi.

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