More than 8,000 residents of Ternopil visited the “Sports Fair”

Arm wrestling, ballroom, sports, modern dancing, Thai boxing and kickboxing, and many more types of youth sports and healthy physical activities – on the initiative of the “Samopomich” Union for the first time Ternopil citizens were able to familiarize themselves with various sports clubs which now operate in Ternopil. This weekend the activists of the Union and coaches of local clubs carried out a huge Sports Fair.
In general, 42 sports clubs took part in the event and demonstrated their achievements. Organizers of the “Sports Fair” say they hold the event for parents to be able to choose the best section for their children, and for sports clubs to be able to present themselves with dignity.
“In Ternopil, there are many clubs that can engage children, says the chairman of Ternopil public organization “Samopomich” Union, Andriy Hrytsyshyn. However, parents are not aware of all of them. Such presentation of the sports clubs allows Ternopil residents not only to learn about them, but also to see what children can do during the classes.”
Sports Fair lasted for 10 hours. During this time around 8,000 people visited the event. Residents of the city noted the need for such events. Seeing what kind of results their children can reach, parents could immediately enroll them on sports groups or take the information booklet of a club.
Famous choreographer Vlad Yama also attended the event. He talked with the participants and visitors of the Fair and held several interactive activities. Young fans were glad to take pictures with their favorite celebrity.
Given the positive feedback to the event “Samopomich” Union promise to make this Fair a tradition. It is also going to introduce a large number of master classes from sports stars for all those willing to be able to try their hand.
We shall recall that “Sports Fair” is the only event in Ukraine where visitors can see exhibition performances and take part in master classes on all kinds of sports represented in the region. Each year visitors are presented with around 60 kinds of sports for everyone, women and men, adults and kids: martial arts, playing and strength sports, dancing, winter sports, water sports, extreme sports and youth sports, health programs. “Samopomich” Union holds “Sports Fair” throughout Ukraine during the year. Ivano-Frankivsk, Sumy, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia, Kharkiv, and Ternopil have joined the initiative. In September, the fair will take place in Lviv.

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