Revenge for a principled position. Ex-husband of Yuliia Vusenko was severely beaten in Lutsk

The ex-spouse of Samopomich representative in the Lutsk city council Yuliia Vusenko was attacked in Lutsk. Two unknown persons beat the man with a metal pipe. As a consequence the man has chopped wounds on the head and fractures of the collarbone. “Fortunately, he managed to evade, and the strongest blow hit him not in the head, but in the collarbone. Otherwise, the man could have been left disabled,” commented Yuliia Vusenko.

The deputy associates the attack solely with her professional activities. After all, prior to the physical assault itself the attackers shouted threats and told the man to “say hello to the deputy”. The version of the robbery was immediately rejected as well – the attackers did not take away any belongings. The case is being investigated by the police.

Yuliia Vusenko herself regards the attack on a close person as revenge for the principled position and for defending the rights of the community, “I want to get this message across to whoever stands behind this. You can humiliate me and depreciate me personally. You can threaten me and follow me without hiding, just as you love to do, willing to terrify me! You can buy up an army of titushky! You can manipulate the public opinion! But you will not get the result you expect, and also – you will never clear your conscience, “stressed Yuliia Vusenko.

Previously Yuliia Vusenko left the post of head of the regional organization of the Samopomich Union party and now will act as head of the city branch of the party. According to the chairman of the Executive Committee of the Samopomich party Oleh Lavryk, given the situation that has developed in the Lutsk city council, the party approved the intention of Yuliia Vusenko to dedicate more time to working in the city.

“Everyone knows that more than a year ago, after the death of the mayor of Lutsk Mykola Romaniuk, the corrupted majority in the city council dismissed the city council’s secretary Yuliia Vusenko from her post. There are already several court decisions – the last one dated last week – on the reinstatement of the Samopomich representative in office.

However, the session of the city council and the current secretary who is the acting mayor do not intend to execute these decisions. In addition to this, in more than a year, the Verkhovna Rada has not appointed an early election of the mayor of Lutsk as it must be done by law in connection with the death of the previous mayor.

Therefore, knowing the professional qualities of Yuliia Vusenko and understanding the need to support and develop a strong faction in the city council, the party’s Executive Committee supported the proposal of Yuliia Vusenko,” said Oleh Lavryk.

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