“Politics at the expense of life” – Iryna Sysoyenko

On the last day of the parliament’s work this year, the deputies had the chance to adopt an extremely important draft law 9284, which would suspend the introduction of a new Law on Transplantation for 1 year and continue the operation of the previous law, which is in force today and on the basis of which family transplantation is performed in Ukraine. However, the parliament has not considered the law.

“We had to initiate this bill because the Ministry of Health had not prepared any of the 29 necessary legal acts, thus completely disrupting the implementation of the new Law on Transplantation. Therefore, the only solution was to extend the current law,” says the deputy of the “Samopomich Union” faction Iryna Sysoyenko.

“I have been trying to get the support of MPs in order to pass this vitally important law. In fact, the last day of the parliament’s work this year will be remembered as a day of cynicism and indifference. After all, today the parliament has voted for all kinds of laws but never reached the bill on transplantation. This endangers the entire transplantation system in Ukraine in the next year.

It is already becoming common practice when because of the inaction of the government, MPs are trying to save the situation. January 1 is not far off, and the law cannot start operating since the government has not prepared the conditions for its timely and proper implementation.

MPs have done their work – we passed the necessary law in June of this year! It is the Ministry of Health that has to report on its inactivity and initiate the postponement of the new law. In any developed country of the world, the Minister of Health who failed on such a scale would have long resigned,” said Iryna Sysoyenko.

She also explained how the new law on transplantation differed from the current one.

“The new law should form a unified system of transplantation with the registry of recipients (persons in need of transplantation), the registry of donors. That is, after pronouncement of the death of the brain, information about the presence of a new donor should immediately enter the information system, which independently searches for someone from the registry of the recipients who can/should have this transplantation. Also, a completely new speciality of transplant coordinators, along with approved protocols and standards of work for them, should be introduced.”

“This all should have been done by the Ministry of Health for the transplantation system to be created. We are also talking about a set of financial steps to provide medical institutions with appropriate equipment for determining brain death; a number of educational activities for the new speciality of transplant coordinator; a number of activities to build an information system about transplantation.

Nothing has been done over six months. Thus, the Ministry of Health has completely failed the entry into force of the law on transplantation.”

According to Iryna Sysoyenko, now the people who could have received family transplantation on the basis of the old law are deprived of this possibility because of the Ministry of Health. This year, about a hundred family transplantation operations have been performed at the Shalimov Institute alone. Recently, an 8-month-old child weighing only 6.8 kg had a kidney transplanted from its father, and this saved this child. In general, there are about 5,000 people in need of transplantation in Ukraine this year. But these patients are forced to go to Belarus, India, Turkey, Spain to save their lives there.”

The MP says that because of the inaction of the government and the indifference of the parliament the whole system of transplantology is under great threat from the next year.

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