Political repressions in Ukraine acquire a mass character, – Samopomich

Democracy in Ukraine is being curtailed, power is being usurped in the hands of one person. Petro Poroshenko is paving his way into the political future with the help of the prosecutor’s office, which he uses as an instrument of repression and struggle with the opposition in the country.

The authorities in the person of the Prosecutor General are pursuing members of the Samopomich political force throughout the country. Unable to shut us up and stop the political and anti-corruption activities of Samopomich activists, the authorities resort to falsifying criminal cases, using the favorite methods of the Soviet NKVD system – intimidation, pressure, discredit.

Altogether in 2017, more than 50 criminal proceedings against members of the party have been opened: it all began with criminal cases in Lviv against the leader of the party Andriy Sadovyi. Then there was an illegal dismissal of the mayor of Mykolayiv Oleksandr Sienkevych, an absolute disregard for the law in Lutsk, where the mayor died, and the council secretary – a representative of Samopomich – was dismissed, although there are already three court decisions confirming the illegality of such a decision. The same disregard for the decisions of the court has been traced in Lviv, where the deputy chair of the regional council Paraskeviya Dvorianyn was also dismissed and, despite the court’s decision, she is not reinstated. Yet another step was yesterday’s arrest of the deputy chairman of the Zaporizhia regional council, chairman of the Zaporizhia regional branch of the Samopomich Union Vladyslav Marchenko by the hands of Kharkiv prosecutors.

The court session in Kharkiv scheduled today at 15:00 to choose a preventive measure for Vladyslav Marchenko has not yet begun. The prosecutor’s office is being slow; perhaps, they are looking for new arguments, because those they have voiced hold no water.

Mr. President! We ask you to do your work and dismiss the Prosecutor General. Because those who defend their land and fight against corruption, people who are worthy of respect are in prisons today. These people want to live and build a democratic state that values people as the main source of life and power. And they are suffering today, because the authorities are using them as a source of profit resorting to despotism and slavery.

We want to build a country in which people are the main value, and where power is democratic. We will fight not for ourselves, but for the people who live in this country. We defended the country in 2014, we will defend it now as now.

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