Political manipulations or Why the President heard Samopomich precisely now?

All the suggestions that Samopomich has been insisting on for four and a half years and for which the political force has been harshly criticized are now “unexpectedly” used by the President himself.

The issue of termination of the Treaty of Friendship with Russia is finally relevant for the authorities, although Samopomich has been insisting on this as soon as it entered the parliament.

“It is obvious to everyone that the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Russia became void from the moment when Russia attacked Ukraine, that is, at the time of the illegal annexation of Crimea in February 2014. Ukraine should have responded immediately and should have denounced the Treaty, but this was not done. And, as you remember, both the President and the first deputy chairman of the parliament insisted that we needed this treaty. But no one knows why. Especially given the fact that now the President suggests terminating its action,” reminded the Vice Speaker Oksana Syroyid.

Samopomich has been also insisting that all treaties that Russia has violated must be denounced by Ukraine. This also applies to visa-free travel arrangements.

However, it is only now, after the introduction of martial law, that the authorities finally prohibited male Russians from entering Ukraine.

The leader of the faction, Oleh Bereziuk, draws attention to such political manipulations, “You remember the content of the messages that Samopomich voiced three or four years ago. Today, the rhetoric of the President of Ukraine follows the same pattern. The termination of diplomatic relations will also appear in his rhetoric. Unfortunately, today we are witnessing not only the use of Ukraine’s interests for somebody’s personal purposes, but also the threat of the destruction of the state as a whole, due to political manipulations, devaluation of state institutions, and the absence of basic political responsibility.”

So why are the suggestions of Samopomich being implemented only now? According to Oksana Syroyid, the President decided to promote himself a bit using the anti-Russian rhetoric.

Thus, we expect the implementation of other suggestions of Samopomich: the termination of diplomatic relations, the involvement of a third party in the release of prisoners, the cessation of imports from Russia and the return of Ukrainian migrant workers from the Russian Federation. By implementing the suggestions of Samopomich, we can reanimate the economy and create proper working conditions in the country.

“Every day that we lose not implementing these things is posing an increasingly larger threat to Ukrainian society and the state,” concludes Bereziuk.

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