“Until those guilty of the crimes against the Ukrainian society are punished, the yesterday’s events will repeat over and over again” – Samopomich
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The events that have been taking place in Ukraine in the recent months indicate the establishment of a police repressive machine that clamours against its own people. The unrest that occurred on May 9 once again proved that the police were again used against people and they did not protect the demonstrators.
The deputies of the faction are convinced: until those who killed people at Maidan, those who tried to destroy the civil society in Poltava, Odesa, Kharkiv, until those who provoked and attacked the blockade that opposed the blood trade, until those who let collaborators enter the Verkhovna Rada, despite all the rules and regulations, are punished – until then the law enforcement agencies will be used by enemies against the Ukrainian people.
We don’t need another eye-wash, we demand that the top state officials be brought to justice.
Responsibility for the events of May 9 also rests with the Ministry of Information Policy and the National Council on Radio and Television, which, through their silence and inaction, tolerated the yesterday’s events and let them take place. After all, for weeks one of the central television channels has been propagandizing the campaign which was organized and directed by the Kremlin.
We are convinced that until those guilty are punished such events will repeat.
The task of the society is to put an end to this and demand concrete actions and justice,” Samopomich faction.

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