Podoliak: Ukrainian space must be marked with Ukrainian symbols

“Today the parliament has adopted the only correct and rational decision – to send a bill on the renaming of the Dnipropetrovsk region to Sicheslavsk region for analysis to the Constitutional Court,” MP Iryna Podoliak representing the Samopomich parliamentary faction comments on the vote on renaming of the region.

We shall recall that the deputies could not decide how to rename the Dnipropetrovsk region – either Sicheslavsk or Dnipro region, and there were suggestions to send to the Constitutional Court two options at once. Podoliak states that this is what would be a problem.

“Let’s not try to fool each other. If we voted for two decisions, it would be another deception of ourselves and the Ukrainians, because the Constitutional Court would undoubtedly recognize both decisions as constitutional, and then, after a while, we would again discuss the same thing for hours in the session hall.”

Iryna Podoliak is also warning fellow deputies against listening to parliamentarians who can’t part with Moscow and Kremlin symbols on the territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian space must be marked with Ukrainian symbols.

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