Podoliak: “We need to bring Polish-Ukrainian relations back to the constructive cooperation and good-neighborliness”

Samopomich deputy Iryna Podoliak believes that the Ukrainian politicum should learn a good lesson from those laws that are now at the stage of consideration and adoption in the Polish parliament.

“We see to what kind of political consequences the blind instrumentalization of historical science can lead. It leads to crises, misunderstandings, and conflicts,” notes Iryna Podoliak.

The people’s deputy emphasizes that the Ukrainian parliament should be now primarily focused on more than a million Ukrainian labour migrants working in the territory of the Republic of Poland, helping it maintain and improve its economic level.

“The Polish government calls these labour migrants who are developing their country – “refugees”; they are virtually using our citizens as a pretext not to shelter hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East. Thus, more than a million of Ukrainian labour migrants are in danger in connection with these laws. Their freedom of speech and free exchange of opinions are under threat,” notes Iryna Podoliak.

In addition, because of the war with the Russian Federation, Poland and Ukraine are now the cornerstones of the security in whole Europe. And this is the factor that should be decisive for the future relations between the two states: “We demand nothing from either the Senate or the President of Poland. We only demand to bring Polish-Ukrainian relations back to the constructive cooperation and good-neighborliness.”


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