Podoliak: “We are not telling the churches when and how they should celebrate, we are merely showing respect for millions of Ukrainians”

Today, the parliament adopted changes to the Labor Code and made December 25 – Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar – a public holiday. At the same time, May 2 was excluded from the list of public holidays, and May 1 declared the Labor Day.

The Samopomich faction supported these changes. According to MP Iryna Podoliak, hundreds of thousands, millions of Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Reformists will now have the opportunity to have a day off in accordance with their church tradition.

“I emphasize that it is exclusively in the competence of religious organizations to decide whether to switch to the new calendar – churches should solve this issue for themselves. Today we are not talking about religious or theological problems. We are not trying to determine when Jesus Christ was born. We are merely showing respect for the citizens of Ukraine in the context of human rights. Today we are talking not about establishing the date of Christmas, but about a day off for millions of Ukrainians.

Celebrating December 25, making it a public holiday is an obvious symbol of Europeanism. As a matter of fact, Christmas unites the whole of Europe and the world and is a powerful reminder of our common roots,” says Iryna Podoliak.

In addition, the Samopomich faction supports the elimination of the practice of transferring holidays to the next working day. “Such bills have been registered, and I think the parliament will support them in the future,” Iryna Podoliak states.

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