Podoliak: Language is a value. And values should not be turned into bargaining chips or used to measure presidential ratings

A representative of the Samopomich Union faction and co-author of the law on the state language, Iryna Podoliak, insists that her fellow MPs should adopt the language law before the first round of presidential elections. The Verkhovna Rada has been considering amendments to it for two weeks and it has been doing it extremely slowly.

Iryna Podoliak doubts that President Poroshenko is interested in the speedy adoption of the language law – he has no clear strategy, only slogans and declarations. This is unacceptable.

“Society has changed, and language is a priority for people because it has become a value to them. But values should not be turned into bargaining chips or used to measure presidential ratings.”

The second obstacle is the deputies of the Opposition Bloc who are deliberately delaying the process of considering amendments to the document.

Podoliak noted that she could not imagine MPs of the Polish Sejm or the Russian Duma acting like the Ukrainian MPs when considering the law on the state language. “If there had been such a number of mankurts in the parliament of the Russian Federation in 2005, the FSB would have sent them to specialized medical institutions long ago.”

So, the parliament should complete consideration of all amendments to the law, notes Iryna Podoliak: “Stop humiliating the Ukrainians, they are perfectly able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Now, please, let’s start working! By deed, not by word!”

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