Podoliak: Bill 5670-d is the only one giving the Ukrainian language a proper status of the state language

MP representing the Samopomich faction is calling on her colleagues to stop the language issue speculation. She stated this when introducing the bill 5670-d on the state language, of which she is a co-author.

“Why are there so many “language” laws in the session hall today? Because very many politicians are interested in adopting an ineffective language law so that to have an opportunity to keep speculating on the language issue from year to year, from elections to elections.” Four language bills have reached the session hall for the consideration of MPs.

Podoliak notes, “There are some pseudo-patriots, whose bills create conditions for bilingualism, for establishing “reservations” and having conflicts among indigenous peoples through the discrimination of some people and creation of special conditions for others.  All the submitted bills, except for 5670-d, are not about the state language, they have different languages as the subject of their regulation, they mix up the Ukrainian language and the languages of indigenous peoples – this is conceptually incorrect.”

The bill 5670-d suggests establishing the National Commission for the Standards of the Ukrainian Language, the Institute of the Commissioner for the State Language. The document spells out in detail the procedures and spheres of usage of the Ukrainian language; it provides no possibility for any abuse. The bill also concerns those citizens who, for certain reasons, could not learn Ukrainian.

“For many years the state did not do anything for those people who live in Ukraine, but could not master the language. This bill proposes the creation of such institutions that will help them.

This bill will not break those people who, for certain reasons, do not speak the state language.” According to the people’s deputy, the draft law 5670-d is the only one providing the actual implementation mechanisms and reducing the risks of abuse to a minimum. “The Ukrainian language is one of the indicators and characteristics of the state sovereignty. And in this bill, it is viewed as a symbol of Ukraine. This is the basic concept of the document.” We do not need declarations and beautiful words; we need a real proper development of the Ukrainian language.

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