Podoliak: “Ukrainians are the only ones to develop the Ukrainian language”

Following months of consideration of amendments, heated discussions and destruction of myths, the Verkhovna Rada has finally adopted the language law. One of the authors of this law, Samopomich MP Iryna Podoliak, called this vote historic. “We will not feel its results immediately. This law is aimed at the future. We will feel the consequences of its action in 10 years, but this is a correct and important beginning. The very essence of this bill is to unite the country. Because we, the initiators of this law, are well aware of the kind of country we inherited after decades of the Soviet domination.”

The authors of the document clearly realised the fact that in Ukraine there are a lot of people who use other languages than the state one. Therefore, they wanted to ensure a smooth transition for those people so that not to tear the society apart. They managed to do this.

Iryna Podoliak has addressed ordinary people from the south, east and north of the state: “I’d like to ask you to calm down and not to believe the lies that the law on the state language is going to divide the society. This is a very soft law, which shows us the course of our country’s development, fixes our borders, including linguistic ones. Because Ukrainians, as a political nation, are the only ones to develop the Ukrainian language.” This law is not punitive. This is the myth spread by the Opposition Bloc.

“One can speak Russian as much as one likes anywhere and everywhere, but only if these people do not fulfil the functions of the state, local self-government, do not work as waiters or shop assistants. This does not apply to the people who go to shops, hospitals or simply communicate with each other. Iryna Podoliak is also grateful to those who have read the law and understood it, who did not read, but believes those who tell the truth about this law, as well as those who doubt but do not demonstrate their aggression. “Time alone will tell how balanced, humane and pro-state this law is.”

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