Podoliak: The state should get it over with the issue of formation of the single local Orthodox Church in Ukraine

The Committee of Culture and Spirituality reviewed and supported by a majority vote the text of the draft law on changing the subordination of religious organizations, which had been finalized and agreed with all interested parties. This is reported by the first deputy chair of the committee, Samopomich MP Iryna Podoliak.

“The Ukrainian state should get it over with the issue of formation of the single local Orthodox Church in Ukraine – we need to ensure conditions and ways of changing subordination that are equal for all religious organizations and then not to interfere with the issue any more.”

According to Iryna Podoliak, this bill provides religious organizations, parishes, and not just individuals, with a tool for a civilized, peaceful and simple transition from one subordination to another. According to the document:

  • The decision to change the subordination is made by at least two-thirds of the religious community’s members. Such a decision must be signed by the members of the religious community who supported it.
  • This decision must be registered in accordance with the law.
  • If a religious community has launched the process of changing its subordination, then it is prohibited to perform any actions with the property of such a community before the completion of this procedure, which makes it impossible to sell such property, pledge it or transfer to the ownership or management of others. In all other cases, a change in the subordination of a religious community does not affect the content of the property right — the community still owns and uses its property.
  • The part of the company that does not agree with the decision to change its subordination has the right to form a new community and enter into an agreement on the procedure of using the cult building and property with their owner or user.

It should be noted that on January 17, 2019, the parliament will vote for the bill on the transfer of parishes to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

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