Podoliak: We are witnessing yet another example of how the issue of the state language is politicized

“It looks like the President has decided that this bill should be voted immediately on the eve of the elections,” says one of the authors of the law on the state language, Samopomich deputy Iryna Podoliak. However, voting “before the election” is not yet a deadline, she adds: “There are talks in the parliament that the Petro Poroshenko Bloc intends to delay consideration of the draft law on the state language until the second round of elections in order to see how this will affect the ratings of presidential candidates. This is yet another example of how the issue of the state language is politicized.”

Iryna Podoliak said that for the authors of the language law it was important that it would have been voted before the presidential election.

Politicians of the past used the law on language to “divide” the country. Unfortunately, the today’s situation is no better: “Very many deputies already in this Verkhovna Rada are using the old rhetoric, which has nothing to do with this bill, whose task is to make the Ukrainian language an element of integration of the Ukrainian society.”

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