Following Viktoriia Voitsitska’s appeal the case of raiding at “PivdenTeploEnergoMontazh” enterprise will be investigated by the police

As a result of the appeal of Samopomich MP, Viktoriia Voitsitska, the police opened a criminal proceeding in connection with the attempts of misappropriation of property of “PivdenTeploEnergoMontazh”.

As noted by the MP, in early October, a group of unknown persons committed illegal actions aimed at establishment of complete legal and physical control over “UTEM”public joint-stock company and its assets. These actions took place against the will of the company, its bodies, shareholders and officials.

“Since “UTEM”, being the main contractor, implements projects which are strategically important for the nuclear industry in Ukraine, including those projects which are implemented in collaboration with international partners and are designed to reduce the country’s dependence on the supply of nuclear fuel from Russia, a case of raiding in respect of “UTEM” might serve as a negative signal to foreign investors, not to mention the deterioration in the international image of Ukraine presented as a state that is unable to protect the right of property,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska.

Despite this, the MP appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs requesting to conduct a comprehensive investigation into these facts, following which the investigation department of the Shevchenko Police Department of the Head Department of the National Police in Kyiv launched a pre-trial investigation.

“Thus, the strategically important enterprise “PivdenTeploEnergoMontazh” got a hope for the future. And the state got a chance to strengthen the energy security and independence,” concluded the deputy.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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