Petro Poroshenko gave the command to dismiss the Minister of Finance

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave the command to dismiss the Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk.

This will be performed by the President’s loyal executor Nina Yuzhanina, who does not make the slightest moves without agreeing upon them with the President’s Administration and Ihor Kononenko.

On June 19, a number of deputies, members of the Tax Committee, led by Nina Yuzhanina, sent a letter to Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman criticizing the Finance Minister and actually demanding the latter to be fired

From the letter it is difficult to understand what exactly the Minister is blamed for. However, the letter itself is abundant in accusations that the minister has failed to cooperate with the members of the Committee and the accusations of his incompetence.

Similar things were once told by Yuzhanina about by the previous minister, Natalia Yaresko and her deputies.

The Committee’s accusations about the unsatisfactory reform of the State Fiscal Service seem to be particularly cynical. After all, it was Nina Yuzhanina with her colleagues from the Committee who:

– refused to recognize the work of corrupted Roman Nasirov unsatisfactory and support his dismissal;

– insisted on blocking the Resolution of the Cabinet “On reforming the territorial bodies of the State Fiscal Service”, which provided for the reorganization of the customs in the regions and their joining the Interregional Customs as a single legal entity. It has not yet been signed;

– advocated the restoration of the powers of the tax militia, of which it was deprived from January 1, 2017;

– blocked the creation of the Financial Investigation Service/Financial Police (Bill 4228);

– opposed the transfer of databases from the State Fiscal Service to the Ministry of Finance, which could have ensured the maximum transparency of their use;

– killed bill #3448 which was supposed to significantly reduce illegal criminal proceedings against businesses and stop the arbitrariness of the law enforcement agencies;

– blocked the reform of the payment transactions recorders (bill №4117) trying to push through corruption schemes.

Also, despite public support, the President of Ukraine, with the help of the Secretariat of the National Council of Reforms, killed the draft law on the service of financial investigations developed by the Ministry of Finance.

So, I have a question, who from the Ukrainian authorities are blocking the reform of the State Fiscal Service and the customs? And, perhaps, it’s time to dismiss somebody else than ministers?

Andrij Zhurzhij
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