“Our first front is in the East, the second one is in the fight against poverty” – Mykola Kmit

Two extremely important things for the Ukrainian state today are the strengthening of the country’s defence capability for a worthy rebuff to the enemy and the overcoming of poverty. Such opinion is expressed by Mykola Kmit, an entrepreneur, the 8th number on the Samopomich list for the parliamentary elections.

“A poor person cannot think about lofty matters; he cannot, in fact, generate, finance small and medium businesses. And we have more than half of the population below the poverty line, so this is our second front,” he says.

According to Mykola Kmit, in order to give an impetus to the development of the Ukrainian economy, it is necessary to increase the purchasing power of the population.

“If people are able to spend on themselves not 500 hryvnias a month, because the rest is spent on bills, but 5-6 thousand hryvnias, then all this will go into the economy. And it is very important at this moment to create such conditions in which we will not have to go abroad to buy cheaper food. This is our second task, and this will give the greatest impetus,” notes Mykola Kmit.

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