“The first thing that the next president Sadovyi will do – he will connect the country with roads” – Semenukha

MP Roman Semenukha declared this when visiting the Kherson region within his working trip.

When talking with labour collectives, students, businesses, the people’s deputy heard one and the same problem voiced all the time – the actual absence of roads in the region.

The bad quality of the roads slows down the development of the region, scaring off investors, tourists, forcing businesses to look for other regions for their activities and development.

“Having all the resources and opportunities for development, Kherson is actually isolated from eastern Ukraine. The Kherson – Nikopol road is de facto absent. How can Ukrainians get to Kherson from Donetsk region, Sumy region, Poltava region, Kharkiv region, Dnipropetrovsk region in that case? Even the train Kharkiv-Kherson travels more than 18 hours. And this is all in the 21st century. What kind of business development, tourism can we talk about? Accordingly, Kherson region is among the leaders in Ukraine in terms of the lowest wage levels. The average salary for the first 9 months of this year was less than 7,000 hryvnias.”

To connect the country with quality roads, railway routes, river and flight connections — this is a key task for the next president, who truly seeks and knows how to change the country.

“Andriy Sadovyi believes that his task will be to connect Ukraine so that to make it attractive for investors, to let tourism potential develop, to let Ukrainians have a real opportunity to travel and relax in their own country,” the people’s deputy concluded.

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