Upheaval in Hlukhiv: Attempts to remove Samopomich’s deputy from the post of the city council’s Secretary

On November 12, Olena Demysheva, secretary of the Hlukhiv city council, who is now acting as the head of the city, was presented with a notice of suspicion and an appeal on her dismissal.

The thing is that in May 2017, Demysheva allegedly illegally dismissed the head of the department of social protection of the population in the Hlukhiv city council in Sumy region. Investigators are working with the testimony of the dismissed employee, who said that the reason for dismissal lied in her political views which were divergent from the ones of the leadership of the council – since the dismissed employee is a deputy from “Volia Narodu”, while Demysheva is from the “Samopomich” Union.

“The head of the department of social protection was dismissed following the results of an inspection in the department conducted by a working group. Serious violations were revealed – there was an abuse of office on the part of the head of the department. In particular, she had reorganized the department without a decision of the session. The court acknowledged that she had violated the law, but called the dismissal too severe a punishment, so she was reinstated. And now the prosecutor’s office is insisting that I have to pay a compensation – for the losses in connection with the forced absenteeism. The sum is more than 30,000 hryvnias,” explained the Secretary of the Hlukhiv city council, Olena Demysheva.

Now the secretary of the city council is on a sick leave, she is preparing an appeal to the court regarding the notice of suspicion. She believes that the deputies-opponents, who, according to Demysheva, are preparing an illegal procedure for recalling deputies of the Hlukhiv city council, are planning to use her removal from office in order to seize power in the city.

“I regard this as political pressure on deputies from the Samopomich Union. After all, I believe that the removal of Olena Demysheva from office, which is required by law enforcement officers, is unjustified. The investigation motivated such actions by the fact that the Secretary of the city council could exercise pressure on witnesses using her position. But the witnesses had already been interviewed. Olena Demysheva is not interfering in the process of providing documents, that is, no evidence can be rigged. Moreover, there are many people working in the city council, so any violations – if they will take place – will be recorded. The dismissal of the Secretary right before the elections is an open platform for the opponents to seize power. This should not be allowed. I believe that the actions of Demysheva with regard to her dismissing an employee should be adequately assessed by the investigation. At the same time, I am sure she should not be removed from her position,” said Oleksandr Zymenko, chairman of the regional organization of the Samopomich political party.

The situation in Hlukhiv is yet another round of political reprisals against Samopomich. Previously, the mayor of Skadovsk, Oleksandr Yakovliev, was removed from office on the basis of far-fetched accusations. The mayor of Mykolayiv, Oleksandr Sienkevych, had been appealing against the decision of local deputies about his resignation for six months in court and finally returned to the mayor’s office. In Lviv, deputies of the regional council illegally dismissed Paraskoviya Dvorianyn from the post of deputy head of the regional council; and in Lutsk, local deputies dismissed the secretary of the city council, Yulia Vusenko.


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