Victory over regional gas companies. How to reign in a monopolist?

Did you know that many Ukrainians have been paying double price for gas?

The system is very simple: in addition to paying for gas, Ukrainians still had to pay for the installation of meters, the installation of which, in fact, is already accounted in the tariff. This is as if you bought a new car and paid additionally for the engine, seats and wheels.

When paying for gas, people also paid for meters, yet regional gas companies, using their monopolistic position, have been charging extra money from the citizens. They probably hoped that no one would notice. Too bad, because there are not only those” who have exposed this scheme, but also those who are appealing to the courts now.

These are consumers, users of the services of the so-called PJSC “Kryvorizhgaz”, who decided to tackle the problem. It is probably for the first time that the court recognized the arbitrariness of the regional gas companies and sided with consumers.

What did the consumers achieve?

– Bringing down the Goliath monopolist

Do you remember the story of Goliath, an armed giant who fell down when hit with a pebble? Similarly, regional gas companies suffered because of their self-confidence and vanity when the Supreme Court confirmed by its decision that citizens should not pay any additional amounts for “establishing meters”, because they are already accounted for in the basic tariff.

– Destruction of “gas collective farms”

The second important victory is the fact that, by its decision, the Supreme Court recognized illegal the situation when regional gas workers suggest installing communal meters instead of individual ones.

To begin with, this is against the law. There has been a ban on the establishment of communal meters for almost a year. And this is our merit as well. After some heated debates, we managed to convince our colleagues that such “gas collective farms” were unacceptable. In my opinion, the whole country will be able to achieve progress in energy efficiency only under such conditions, when everyone will be motivated to save and consume less energy. Why do responsible citizens have to pay for their neighbouring debtors?

We should thank the Supreme Court for making an absolutely fair and professional decision. In this case, the legal rights of consumers were effectively defended. This is a worthy example for all our state bodies regarding protection of the interests of citizens. After all, without a successful judicial practice, the results of even the best laws can be questioned.

The faction of Samopomich will continue fighting in order to make sure that good legislation adopted by the Verkhovna Rada is fully implemented on the ground. Step by step, we will restore the economic rights of citizens.


Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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