Pre-election mathematics or who will benefit from increasing the number of CEC members from 15 to 17

On Tuesday, the Verkhovna Rada voted in its usual “we don’t care about the rules and the law” manner for the bill, which changes the number of CEC members. An ostensibly unpretentious formula adding two more members – increasing the total number from 15 to 17. And it would seem that the motivation is obvious: the coalition factions could not agree who will give one or two posts for the opposition, while the opposition factions obviously did not want to refuse to have more representatives in the Central Election Commission. However, in my opinion, not everything is so simple and unambiguous.

One should pay attention to the fact that wherever the primary text of the law refers to the quorum of 2/3 of the composition of the CEC, it was suggested replacing it with “11 members” (in fact, two-thirds is not less than 12 members).

For example, these are the following cases:

– the authority of the CEC

– quorum for the meeting on the election of the chairman of the CEC

– quorum for the CEC meeting

– decision-making on participation of certain persons in CEC meetings

Now it is clear why such changes are needed. By law, the decisions are made by the majority of the CEC members.

However, if you look at the personalities of the proposed candidates for the CEC, then there are 9 members on the quota of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s Front, another candidate from the “Will of the people” (very likely the candidate is under the control of the President) + 1 acting member of the CEC from UDAR. Altogether 11 members.

Such a wording (11 members instead of 2/3) will allow them to conduct the commission’s meetings on their own.

If they left the current norm, then the CEC meetings could be held only with the participation of at least one more member of the CEC. That is, in the “non-coalition” members of the CEC would be able to block any decisions of the commission.

Therefore, I believe that such a fast decision with gross violations of the rules was not adopted to ensure that the non-coalition factions would not disrupt the mathematical plans of the authorities.

Olena Sotnyk
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