Our pensioners are not living, they are surviving – Ostrikova

The Samopomich faction supported the government’s bill on raising pensions after the Minister of Social Policy agreed to include into the document and voiced on the record the points on which the people’s deputies insisted.

The faction demanded that the draft law should include the following proposals:

– Any reform should begin with the audit of the Pension Fund, which will eliminate all inefficient costs that are not typical of the Pension Fund, and the massive abuse that exists today.

– Creation of the register of beneficiaries of all social payments, including the recipients of pensions, by January 1, 2018.

– Refusal of any precedents to increase the rate of a single social contribution.

“Today pensioners are receiving from the state meager pensions that are constantly getting devaluated. Our pensioners are not living, they are surviving. Samopomich unanimously supports the Cabinet of Ministers’ modernizing, that is, increase of pensions. However, in the primary draft law, unfortunately, the government limited itself to “repairing” the solidary system. Unless we change anything, the current generation of working Ukrainians, given today’s demographic indicators, might not be entitled to a pension in accordance with this system,” said Samopomich MP Tetiana Ostrikova.

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