Pension reform: what awaits Ukrainians? – read in the new issue of the “Samopomich” newspaper

Read in the newspaper of the Samopomich Union from August 5:

Pension reform: what awaits Ukrainians? Samopomich believes that the bill submitted by the government has nothing to do with real pension reform.

People of Kharkiv remember who called the war into their city. Roman Semenukha states that it is impossible that Dobkin didn’t know that Russian provocateurs and agents participated along with him in the notorious rally on March 1, 2014 in Kharkiv.

It is impossible to stop the war by making life easier for the aggressor. Following the results of Normandy format negotiations, Berlin and Paris called on Ukraine to resume trade with the territories occupied by Russia. Samopomich states that blood trade is unacceptable and devastating for Ukraine, and its level of immorality is identical to the supply of weapons to the occupation forces.

Season of a big berry. When to buy and how to choose a tasty and safe watermelon?

Festival of the Saviour. Assumption fast begins in the byzantine rite churches on August 14.

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