Pastukh: The meeting of the Security and Defence Committee did NOT take place!

Samopomich deputy notes that the Committee on National Security and Defence did not hold its meeting on October 3, 4 since there was no quorum. So there could be no decisions, no voting (for the so-called Law on the Special Status of Donbas either).

“I inform you in advance that the deputies from the Samopomich faction did not participate in this committee, where there was an attempt to legalize the amnesty for the militants who killed our military in the East.

Today there was no meeting of the committee, because its members had not been notified about this meeting or the agenda. Moreover, there was no voting at all.”

We shall note that the day before the President submitted to the parliament an urgent bill on the extension of the Law on the special procedure for self-government in certain areas of Luhansk and Donetsk regions. Accordingly, the National Security and Defence Committee states that on October 3 it agreed on the adoption of the presidential bill No. 9153. However, there were only 8 out of 10 members of the committee needed for a quorum.

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