Pastukh: The authorities are not interested in disclosing the final beneficiaries of defence schemes

“The provisional investigatory commission on theft in the defence sector will not give a single conclusion about who the customers were. Obviously, it will try to shift responsibility to small-scale executors and blame one or another law enforcement body for poor-quality work,” said MP Taras Pastukh. According to him, the only benefit from this PIC is to show the society how deep the problem is. But it should be solved not in six months, not by a new parliament – but immediately.

“The society should pose questions not only to the NABU, the prosecutor’s office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also to the parliament, which over 4 years has not created a transparent mechanism of control over the money which continues to be plundered today under the cover of state secret.”

Pastukh notes that MPs must work out the issue of civil-parliamentary control.

“We should remove secrecy from 90% of arms purchases. Samopomich faction has submitted a bill on disclosing the defence budget, which should not consist of several lines, but rather provide detailed explanation for each position and, thus, be controlled.”

The conclusions from today’s meeting of the commission are sad, according to Taras Pastukh: “The government and parliament are not interested in showing the society the real customers, the final beneficiaries of all these schemes.”

Most of the PIC meeting was a duel between the security and law-enforcement agencies, who are shifting the responsibility of investigation to one another. But no one is asking the question – who actually gave instructions on the conclusion of such contracts.

“Today, we were once again convinced that we are not talking about some individual fraudsters who deceived a separate enterprise, but we are witnessing a streamlined scheme in which some people are making money on blood in the time of war.”

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