Taras Pastukh: The authorities are helping the aggressor use international law against those who gave their lives and health for Ukraine

By the time the parliament recognizes the Russian aggression and officially declares this to the whole world, Ukrainian soldiers can be brought to justice following international lawsuits – says Taras Pastukh, a people’s deputy representing  Samopomich Union.

“The heroes who went to the front to defend the country have fulfilled their duty. But those who came to power three years ago have been afraid to fulfill their own duty ever since – to recognize Russia as the occupier that invaded Ukrainian territory. It is the Constitution of Ukraine that obliges the President to decide to use the Armed Forces. It is part 9 of Article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine that states that the Verkhovna Rada gives consent to use the Armed Forces to repel aggression,” the MP notes.

Samopomich demands that the President make a decision on the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in connection with the Russian aggression and occupation and address this decision to the parliament, as it is stipulated in the Constitution of Ukraine.

The faction requires that the parliament should give consent to the use of the Armed Forces and urgently adopt a law recognizing the occupation of Ukrainian territories by the Russian Federation as the basis for the use of the Armed Forces.


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