Pastukh: “We must work actively on the laws important for the military”

On Tuesday, February 27, the parliament adopted a number of important draft laws relating to the military. As reported by Samopomich MP Taras Pastukh, first of all, we are talking about the adoption in the first reading of an initiative that allows servicemen not to include into the dates of their leave the time necessary for traveling from the place of their service to the place of their residence.

“However, by the second reading, it is necessary to introduce changes that would make abuses impossible. After all, there will be soldiers who will get home in a day, while others might be touring all around Ukraine claiming they need five or six days. Obviously, this can become a problem for their military commanders who will not be able to plan vacations and fulfill the tasks assigned to their units. Therefore, if this issue is taken into account by the second reading, the law can be adopted as a whole.”

In addition, the Verkhovna Rada also supported in the first reading a draft law that regulates the payment of monetary assistance to the former military or their families in the event that after the dismissal these servicemen became disabled or died as a result of injuries sustained during their service.

Taras Pastukh says, “Previously, these military were not entitled to any financial assistance from the state. The bill, which was supported in the first reading, states that they or their families are entitled to receiving financial assistance now.”

However, the people’s deputy notes, so far the documents only passed the first reading. He concludes, “The only hope is that these laws will not have to wait for six months or a year to make it to the second reading, and within two weeks the relevant amendments will be introduced, the committee will immediately review them, and within a month these laws will be adopted and signed by the President.”

Taras Pastuh
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