Pastukh: It is impossible to reform Ukroboronprom; it must be eliminated altogether

No reforms can help Ukroboronprom (an association of multi-product enterprises in various sectors of the defence industry of Ukraine); it must be eliminated, says Samopomich deputy Taras Pastukh.

“There’s no sense in reforming Ukroboronprom. All enterprises should just leave the association, enter the free market and work, develop the latest weapons, offer them for the Ukrainian market and abroad. This cannot happen now because Ukroboronprom is the one in charge of all the contracts. Ukroboronprom it is ballast for the cooperation of state-owned enterprises because every contract has to be agreed upon by the former. Ukroboronprom cannot be reformed, it must be eliminated.”

Pastukh explains: “Ukroboronprom has gathered the most efficient enterprises working in the sphere of defence, made their activities “top secret” and, making use of the “classified information” mar, continued actively selling Ukrainian weapons. Whereas the authorities, instead of destroying this scheme, took charge of it,” Taras Pastukh expresses his indignant.

“Not only did the authorities not let the enterprises withdraw from the association and get economic freedom, but on the contrary, the authorities began to drive other enterprises into this association.

Thus, by the decision of the current government, the “Antonov” State Enterprise was included in Ukroboronprom. And everyone is asking today: “Hey, does Antonov produce military aircraft?”

The lawmaker says that the journalist investigations have shown that this is done to make all Antonov’s contracts “classified information” as well.

There is only one thing that can be done in relation to Ukroboronprom – it must be eliminated.

“This structure does not produce anything additional, it is not engaged in any development, any production. It just lives off what its enterprises earn; it gets money from the budget. In fact, this association lives off our taxes.”

Taras Pastukh says that it is unlike that new commissions in the parliament will help anyhow:

“There is already the National Security and Defence Committee. When the coalition was created, its obligation was to set up a separate commission, which would deal with civil-parliamentary control over the defence sector, including production. But the coalition never did this. Even though Samopomich did introduce a draft law and the regulations that would allow the commission to work, the National Security and Defence Committee did not let this law pass.”

Pastukh notes that the new law on national security and defence provides for the obligations of the government to develop a legislative initiative that will strengthen this parliamentary control and provide an opportunity to control not only contracts but also the activities of intelligence services and the like. However, the government today is not interested in this, and nobody fulfils the regulations of this law.

“No matter how well we call the ideas of laws, agencies, commissions, committees – it all comes down to the sabotage of any attempts to reform the security and defence sector – both in the parliament and government and by the President. Just because any reform will inevitably make public the contracts of Ukroboronprom.

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