Taras Pastukh: “Ukraine needs a security belt with Western allies”

In opposition to the Russian aggression, Ukraine needs a new format of cooperation with its Western partners. This opinion was expressed by Taras Pastukh, a representative of the Samopomich faction in the parliament. After all, the Kremlin’s war has varied expressions and it is waged not only against our state.

“Russia began a world war: a military one is on the territory of Ukraine, while in Europe it is waging an information war through corrupt media and politicians. This war is especially acute for the Baltic states, Poland and Romania today.”

Taras Pastukh says that these exact countries are pushing us towards the idea of creating a kind of security belt. “These countries are ready to support Ukraine at both expert and military levels. You see how much the American presence in Poland and the Baltic States is increasing today, and these countries are NATO members.”

Pastukh notes:

“If we manage to form such a security alliance with NATO member countries, then it will become a kind of safety net for both Ukraine and Europe. This means that due to our Western partners, our position in confronting the Russian aggression will significantly improve. The security belt can become a format that will save not only Ukraine but also Europe and the world.”

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