Pastukh: Cynicism on the bones of children. Odesa City Council to open Victoria camp in June of this year

Odesa authorities are going to reopen the camp “Victoria”, where in September 2017 there was a large-scale fire which claimed the lives of three children. This is reported by the parents of the dead children who are asking the MPs not to let this happen. Their request was voiced by the representative of Samopomich – Taras Pastukh.

The deputy notes that the investigation is doing its best to let the perpetrators evade punishment. “This investigation actually appointed two different examinations and then came to the conclusion that the firefighters and teachers were the ones to blame. But who made this tragedy possible – the examinations do not answer this question.”

The parents of the dead children have achieved the appointment of an international independent examination. The investigation did not like it, tried to impede its work. Yet the independent examination did take place. It confirmed that the fire occurred because of the kettle, and the camp instantly caught fire – it took 7 minutes for the buildings to be engulfed in flames and the children had no chance to escape.

According to Pastukh, the independent experts also investigated the scene of conflagration. It had not been even properly cleaned – the examination found 50 particles of the remains of the dead children. They were not buried.

It gets worse and worse as it goes on, says Taras Pastukh:

“The city council, together with the courts and the investigation, is trying to conceal this. And then they get as cynical as to hold the meeting of the reserve officers at the Victoria camp after the introduction of martial law. Following the court’s decision, the mayor’s office allows holding meetings on the ashes, remains of children.

Now the Odesa authorities want to open the camp again in June of this year. Parents of the dead children are asking to prevent this, not to hush up these facts, since the unpunished evil always returns.

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