Pastukh: Samopomich managed to remove the main corruption component from the law on demining

The faction of Samopomich supported the bill on demining only when a section on licensing had been excluded from the text of the law at the request of the faction. This is reported by MP Taras Pastukh.

Although it is worth noting that in the adopted document still contains a number of points that need to be corrected.

“We are talking about the accreditation procedure, in particular about how it will be spelt out. There is still a question of a separate new central executive body that will be created to control this activity. There is a question of openness of the tender procedures of the business entities that will enter this market and provide services. And the most important thing is the question of quality control. After all, we need to be sure that the subject that endorses with its signature that the territory is clean and safe for our citizens to use, is truly responsible.”

Today, two subjects are engaged in demining – the Armed Forces in their area of their responsibility and the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (that is, the State Emergency Service), which carry out the so-called civil demining in the areas where the jurisdiction of the Armed Forces within the country does not extend.

Pastukh explains why this law is needed.

“At the insistence of international partners and realizing the need for civil-humanitarian demining, the law on mine action had been in the process of preparation for some time. There were three main questions that were in the focus of discussions – who should carry out demining, who should control this process, who should finance this. In fact, both international partners and a large number of deputies in the parliament expressed a lot of warnings regarding the corruption components of this draft law.”

The whole world knows that very often it is the licensing procedure precisely that has a corruption component in Ukraine. 

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