Pastukh: The main question is who will be responsible if demining is poorly performed?

On Tuesday, November 6, the Verkhovna Rada considered four draft laws on mine action. Finally, one of them, No. 9080-1, was adopted in the first reading.

When discussing the initiatives MP Taras Pastukh from the Samopomich Union faction noted that the draft laws needed to be improved, because, in their current versions they did not solve the security problems of Ukrainians.

The parliamentarian explained, “I asked almost all the speakers the main question – who will be personally liable if this work is performed poorly? If once again we say that this will be some central body, then, if past experience is any guide, there will be no one held responsible, citizens will be in litigations with the state for years.”

Taras Pastukh says that, unfortunately, the Verkhovna Rada is addressing the problem not from the point of view of the safety of Ukrainians, but from the point of view of creating yet another central body and creating more high offices that should satisfy the ambitions of certain political forces.

“That is, as a result, we are creating a body with a whole hierarchy of positions, because of which the demining of one square kilometre of Ukrainian land will require financing dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people who do not even fully understand what they have to sign,” stresses the MP.

The lawmaker sums up that the most important thing is to make sure Ukrainians feel safe and protected in their native country.

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