The Parliamentary Committee started examining the case of non-admission of Samopomich deputies to the meeting of the Kharkiv city council

Today, the Parliamentary Committee on State Construction, Regional Policy and Local Self-Government instructed its head to investigate the unprecedented case of preventing deputies of the Kharkiv city council from attending the meeting and file a corresponding letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office.

On Wednesday, September 20, the Samopomich Union faction in Kharkiv was not able to attend a planned session of the city council and take part in the meeting because the entrances to the city council building were blocked.

It was the head of the Samopomich parliamentary faction Oleh Bereziuk who voiced the need to conduct a careful study of the disgraceful violation of law in Kharkiv. The initiative was unanimously supported by the relevant committee.

“This is a disaster, where not only people’s rights have been violated, but also the deputies’ right to fulfill their duties. This is criminal,” said Oleh Bereziuk.

According to him, this case is not the first one, because two deputies of the local council were once prevented from participating in the councils’ meeting during one of the previous sessions. He noted, “Back then we filed a report to the police, but they did not launch any proceeding. Today it happened again, but in a more rude way this time.”

While discussing the issue the participants of the Committee stated that, “the Ukrainians have already been through this”, and called the Kharkiv incident an outright savagery.


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