Parliament appealed to the European Union to enhance cooperation in the energy sector

The Verkhovna Rada has decided to appeal to the EU parliaments to enhance cooperation in the energy sector. The fact is that the construction of gas pipelines “Turkish Stream” and “Nord Stream-2” with the participation of Russia threatens the further use of the Ukrainian gas transport system to supply gas to Europe.

When discussing this issue, Samopomich MP Viktoriia Voitsitska noted that the growing influence of the Russian Federation on the European energy market would have huge negative consequences. At the same time, Ukraine has proved to be a reliable partner for many years.

“Throughout all 25 years of our independence, in times of peace or war, imposed on us by the aggressor-country Russia, Ukraine has been and will remain a reliable partner for Europe in the transit of gas. We have launched radical reforms in the energy sector on the basis of the best European practices,” says Viktoriia Voitsitska.

At the same time Ukraine is anxiously watching the attempts to increase the influence of the Russian aggressor on the European energy market through the construction of additional transit capacities.

“Accordingly, we call on our European colleagues to make informed decisions and to clearly realize that the increase of Russian influence on the European energy market can have negative global consequences and lead to economic and political instability not only in Ukraine, but in the whole region,” concludes Viktoriia Voitsitska.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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