The Parliament took the first step in the reforming of housing and communal services, – Babak

Adopted in the first reading the bill №1565 about the peculiarities of the effectuation of right to ownership in an apartment building will allow the residents to effectively manage their common property. This was reported by member of the “Samopomich” Union faction, deputy head of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development and Housing Aliona Babak.

“This bill is the first step towards the implementation of real reforms in the housing sector, focused on the transfer of authority in housing management from  local self-government bodiesto the real owners theowners of apartments and non-residential premises in apartment buildings. Now the residents will be independent from the    Public Housing and Utilities Units and will make their own decisions as for how to use their property,”she said.

The bill provides for the three forms of citizens’ associations in managing the property and premise.

“The first one operates without a legal entity, the decisions are made at the general meetings of the tenants. This model is the best for small houses with several apartments; they will not have to register themselves as a separate legal entity, for example, to make a contract with Vodokanal. The second form presupposes creation of a legal entity association of co-owners.

And the third option is the involvementof a professional manager,” said the deputy. The introduction of such management models will allow the homeowners to obtain information on the cost of services, such as cleaning services, garbage collection, protection of the territory.

Moreover, the co-owners of the houses will be able to change the contractors, providing these services, without waiting for the decision of local self-government bodies. Aliona Babak emphasized that in the course of the preparation of the bill for the second reading it would be important to stand up for the introduction of several fundamental amendments: “Among them should be the securing of the co-owners property right to land on which the house is located; providing them with free access to the data of the electronic registry, etc.”, she said.

The deputy also said that for the effective implementation of the provisions of this law, a new version of the law on housing and communal services should be adopted.

“This must be done within the next two months in order to find a comprehensive solution to the problems of contracts formation and price setting in the housing sector”, said the MP.

Alona Babak


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