The parliament has taken a step towards launching sanctions against those engaged in anti-Ukrainian propaganda

The Verkhovna Rada adopted Resolution #9157, which creates the prerequisites for the imposition of sanctions by the Council of National Security and Defence against the legal entities that threaten the national interests of Ukraine by disseminating information propaganda. The faction of Samopomich Union supported the document.

MP Oleksandr Opanasenko, who is a co-author of the initiative and representative of Samopomich, stressed: “We cannot turn a blind eye to the Ukrainian media, whose real beneficiaries are hiding behind some odd persons who actually possess no assets, but only perform nominal services, and who are spreading lies in tune with the media of the country that has been killing Ukrainians for four years.”

The parliamentarian adds, “A bill on sanctions #9116 has also been registered. I hope the Verkhovna Rada will support it. It provides for the synchronization of all sanctions against Russian companies and individuals with our partners – the United States and the European Union.”

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