Paraskeviya Dvorianyn: I do not understand the deputies who in their desire to pressurize Samopomich sacrifice the interests of the communities

Some forces are trying to establish control over the competition of local development micro-projects. Deputies gave their 51 votes to support the decision on replacing the co-chairperson of the board of the micro-projects competition, Paraskeviya Dvorianyn. On the sidelines of the Regional Council there are talks about the possibility of influence on the results of the competition in 2017.
The draft decision had been prepared hastily and with a number of violations in the Regional Council. Firstly, the authors of the draft decision were changed – instead of the chairman of the Regional Council heads of the six factions appeared; secondly, the signatures under the draft decision were collected after its registration on the official website of the Lviv Regional Council.
The official argument of such a decision is that the council wants to improve the micro-projects competition. It is worth noting that when Samopomich deputies, Paraskeviya Dvorianyn and Ivan Sobko, joined the administration of the competition the latter has become the most successful program of the region – 688 projects have been implemented. The implementation rate of the program was record high – 9.6%. Interestingly, yesterday the work of the competition board headed by Paraskoviya Dvorianyn was praised; and today, contrary to common sense, the co-chairperson of the board is dismissed.
“This year, the communities of Lviv have invested 40 million hryvnias of their own funds into the micro-projects contest – this is an evidence of credibility of the competition and the positive assessment of the last year’s work. I was very upset when the other day at a meeting of the budget commission it was said that the main ground for this draft decision was to make away with Paraskeviya Dvorianyn.
In a year of my being the co-chairperson of the competition board there haven’t been any objections to my work. We have carried out 9 meetings of the board; all the representatives of the factions always received the necessary information. I realize that the one who launched this pursues the goal of pressurizing Samopomich to make us vote the way they want. Now I see why today there is criticisms regarding my work in other committees. At the next session I will be dismissed from the post of the first deputy. I’m not holding down the post. Wherever I am, I’m going to adhere to the same principles in my work.
I understand the motivation of the chairman of the “Batkivshchyna” faction, Yuriy Hudyma, who is probably dreaming about this position. But I do not understand all the other deputies, who in their desire to pressurize Samopomich sacrifice the interests of the communities
Just let worthy projects win the competition,” summed up Paraskoviya Dvorianyn, first deputy chairperson of the Lviv Regional Council, deputy of the Samopomich faction.
By the way, recently a video appeared on the Internet in which Taras Batenko, UKROP deputy, is meeting with teachers of Zolochiv. He is saying there that the competition board composition will be replaced soon and he will be able to lobby for specific projects directly to the chairman of the Lviv Regional Council.

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