Taras Pastukh: Fifth part of the money of the State defence order has been looted in the course of 2 years

Since 2014 all state orders executed by “Ukroboronprom” have been classified as “top secret”. 95% of all contracts are unknown to the general public, which leads to corruption. This was reported by Taras Pastukh, Samopomich Union faction member, in an interview with “Hromadske Radio”.

According to the people’s deputy, this is why Samopomich faction did not support amendments to the state budget concerning increasing the government’s credit guarantees by 4 billion for the needs of “Ukroboronprom” and insists on amending the law on state secrets in order to declassify the information on spending on defence.

“This has prompted huge criticism of our actions, while “Ukroboronprom” leadership is now all over the parliament’s building attempting to blackmail us stating that they will bring to us the people working at different companies that are not receiving funding. In fact, we can solve this situation easily – just show how the previous money for the last couple of years has been spent. We’re not talking about Yanukovych times, let’s at least see how the current government acted at a time of Debaltseve, airports’ defence, and so on. We are not that much interested in how much was bought and what for it was bought, we are interested in the price paid. We are not talking about 10% or 20%. Sometimes costs are100% inflated,” said Taras Pastukh. In general, over the past two years one-fifths of the defence orders has been looted.

Because of the non-transparent spending Samopomich faction insists on establishment of parliamentary and civilian control over the defence sector. “A few days ago we returned from Geneva, where we visited the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces. We deliberately raised the question: how does the parliamentary control in countries that are advanced in national defence and security sector work. In the United States – the number one country in the fight against terrorism – one can visit the website and see the price of each item purchased for the money of taxpayers,” noted the MP.

“So when it comes to funding we are ready to provide our support, but we are not willing to support it without seeing any reposts on the use of funds. Some may be shouting that the country is at war, and a lot of things need to be bought for the front. However, in reality we see that for 2.5 years of procurement almost nothing has reached the forefront. Our fighters had old weapons back then, and they are still using the old weapons. If something new comes, only 2 or 3 units, chosen by the Chief of General Staff as the priority ones, get this,” summed up Taras Pastukh.

Taras Pastuh
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