Lev Pidlisetskyi: Evaluation of the blockade from the perspective of energy industry

Among the goods that are transferred to and from the occupied territories there are products of different purposes. Among them – coal (allegedly, Ukraine cannot do without it), wood for mines (but even in a greater amount than during the “pre-war” period) and… blasting powder for mines.

In April 2016, when the notorious “Rotterdam formula” was adopted, one of the main arguments for was the independence from the supplies from the uncontrolled territories. In June 2016, Mr. Vovk voiced this at a meeting of the Energy Committee in the Parliament.

The presence of this formula provided the energy producers with the means necessary to purchase coal from any country in the world. We, the consumers, were forced to pay for electricity the price which is laid in the world price of coal.

Sometimes this calculated price was greater than 2,000 hryvnias per ton of coal. At the same time, the producers – this is DTEK company by 70% – purchased coal from state-owned mines at the price around 1,300 hryvnias and at the price ranging from 300 to 1,100 hryvnias per ton from LNR/DNR. Thus every Ukrainian is forced (through the electricity bills) to finance terrorism in Donbas and to contribute to personal enrichment of DTEK, Donbasenergo, Centrenergo owners.

So where is all this Rotterdam stuff?

Talking about the wood, don’t we have a moratorium imposed on the export of logs and isn’t this an avoidance of the moratorium? And are Ukrainian miners fully provided with logs after all?

As for the powder – you don’t even know whether to laugh or cry. Last year there were a lot of complaints from the mine managers that it was difficult to purchase powder due to the fact that this is a dual purpose product. But when this product is crossing the border with the DNR/LNR no one remembers about its dual purpose any more. Looks as if it is dangerous to give powder to our miners in Volyn or Lviv regions, but it is perfectly okay to sell it to the miners in the occupied territories! That is, our miners might use this powder for wrong needs, while nothing like this would ever happen in DNR/LNR.


You say we are not going to survive without anthracite coal from the occupied territories?! Ok, tell me then how much time is necessary to immediately order a delivery from the Republic of South Africa and get anthracite in Ukraine? Three weeks!

How much time is it going to take to shift from anthracite coal to gas-coal? Six months? Now we have to admit that least for the last 6 months we have been consciously sponsoring terrorists and occupiers.

Can we require any financial sanctions from the West against those who finance terrorism and occupation, while we are financing them ourselves? We must put an end to it!


Lev Pidlisetskyj
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