Education in Ukraine: to survive under the government of Hroisman

Samopomich urges the government to immediately submit to the parliament a draft of changes to the state budget regarding the settlement of the issue of the lack of educational subsidies.

The financing, or rather underfunding, of education in the state is catastrophic. As soon as in November of this year there will be no money for the salaries of teachers anymore. This is due to the poor policy of Hroisman’s Cabinet. According to the calculations of the Association of Ukrainian Cities, the lack of funds for educational subventions amounts to 4.4 billion UAH. In addition to this, there is an imperfect formula for distributing local budget aid. Officials have shifted the responsibility of financing education to local budgets, and now local governments have to provide about 30% of funds for teachers’ salaries from their own budgets.

Although the Constitution of Ukraine clearly states that it is the state that is obliged to ensure that education is accessible and free. Consequently, the educational subvention, which is laid in the State Budget of Ukraine, should cover all 100% of the expenses for the salaries of teachers. This is the responsibility of the state, not local government.

But the government is implicitly shifting its direct obligations to local budgets. That is, when it is time to promise decent salaries for teachers – we see the Prime Minister on all television screens, but when it is time to fulfill these promises – they automatically become the responsibility of local budgets. Victory has the face of Hroisman; defeat – the local government’s one. As a matter of fact, local budgets are being more and more engaged in fulfilling the duties delegated by the state and less and less involved in the actual administration.

On the other hand, while teachers in one district have their salaries delayed, others are paid on time. It looks as though the authorities are juggling with subventions in order to curb the recalcitrant regions before the elections. But once again the local authorities become the can carrier.

Samopomich calls on the government to put an end to these double standards of responsibility, to change the formula for the distribution of the educational subvention and submit to the parliament a draft of changes to the state budget, where the issue of lack of funds for the educational subvention is resolved.

Samopomich is ready to provide the Cabinet with the experts who will help develop relevant documents.

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