Ostrikova: “If the government does not know about the schemes at the customs, such a government is not able to put things in order there!”

On June 8, 2018, Tetiana Ostrikova, the head of the subcommittee on customs, once again raised the issue of the illegal schemes taking place at customs and addressed the head of the government Volodymyr Hroisman:

“Last time, during the hour of questions to the government, you stated that you were fighting with the fraud at the customs. How are you fighting with this fraud if you are asking us about names, facts, checkpoints. The whole Ukraine knows about this, investigative journalists know about this, the honest businesses go through all this, people’s deputies know about this, and your government, which is allegedly fighting with the schemes, does not know where and what is happening?”

We shall recall that because of the fraud at customs, our budget loses at least 75 to 100 billion hryvnias every year. In 2017, the violations of customs regulations worth of a billion and a half were revealed, but only 38.8 million hryvnias were collected to the budget. This testifies to the fact that the government has done nothing with regard to the customs policy.

“If you are not able to put things in order at customs, build a powerful customs administration, I personally and the faction of Samopomich are ready to inform you publicly every day about the facts of customs offenses,” said Tatyana Ostrikova and handed over to the Prime Minister a folder with 155 sheets of paper enlisting the information about violations at customs.

“We are waiting for the results from you: the names and bringing the perpetrators to liability, the fight against smuggling and the increasing incomes to the state budget,” stressed Tetiana Ostrikova. In response, Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman suggested that the Samopomich party should open public reception offices at each checkpoint and inspect customs declarations if the party wants to take part in the fight against corruption.

“Neither people’s deputies nor any outsiders can be present in the customs control area. Therefore, when the head of the government encourages us to open public reception offices of Samopomich at customs, he offers us to deliberately break the law. We cannot and will not do this. At the same time, the government testifies to its own inability to form and implement the customs policy and build a strong customs administration,” commented Tetiana Ostrikova.

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