Ostrikova: If the economic units of law enforcement agencies worked effectively, the story with Ukroboronprom would have developed differently

“Financial transactions connected with embezzlement of public funds should be discovered by an effective analytical body. This new body should see and analyze operations online,” says Tetiana Ostrikova, a Samopomich deputy.

She emphasizes: “Presently this is exclusively the Tax Office that sees these financial transactions in real-time. It sees them and does nothing. Because, on the one hand, it doesn’t care about financial holes, on the other hand, tax officials state that all conversion centres have been overcome.”

Whereas a new body would replace all ineffective economic units of law enforcement agencies. Take even the very Ukroboronprom – there are so many bodies engaged in the investigation – the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Military Prosecutor’s Office, the National Anticorruption Bureau. Yet there are no results. Ostrikova notes that the economic units of law enforcement agencies have been ineffective in investigating crimes over the past 2 years, even though there has been a lot of money allocated for their activities.

“A single journalistic investigation alone established facts about the theft of 250 million hryvnias at state armoured plants. So who is more effective? Maybe we should hire investigating journalists to expose thefts? What are the results given the absence of a financial investigation authority on the example of Ukroboronprom? There are many bodies, but no order at all.”

Back in 2016, Tetiana Ostrikova and her colleagues submitted a draft law on the creation of an analytical body for financial investigations with the simultaneous liquidation of all economic units of law enforcement agencies. For three years in a row, the financial police issue has been only discussed, but no actual measures have been taken, measures like creating an effective body of financial investigations, liquidating the tax militia, carrying out reform of the Security Service of Ukraine, which will exclude any opportunity for them to engage in operational and investigative activities related to economic matters, giving the SBU more time to fight espionage, high treason, terrorism financing, terrorist acts.

Ostrikova insists on the creation of a single effective body of financial investigations instead of numerous inactive economic units and on putting an end to exercising pressure on business and making money on it.

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