Ostrikova: The government urgently needs to adopt the budget in order to get the IMF tranche as soon as possible, because now there is no money for paying pensions

Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova believes that the voting for the budget in the second reading will take place on Thursday afternoon. And this is despite the fact that the budget itself appeared on Monday evening on the website of the Verkhovna Rada and there are a lot of comments to it not only from Samopomich.

“They will have negotiated about everything by Thursday. Pro-government factions and their satellites, deputy groups want certain things, benefits, funding for these or other bodies under their control; majority deputies want to receive funds for their districts. I think that somewhere in the afternoon on Thursday they will vote for this budget. Because the authorities now need a salvation in the form of the IMF tranche, and they want to receive this tranche this year, otherwise the state will have no money to perform its direct functions. I believe that at some point all the above-mentioned players will reach a compromise.”

As for the budget itself, Tetiana Ostrikova believes it cannot be adopted at all. This budget provides for no tangible improvements either for Ukrainians or for taxpayers. At the same time, it does ensure improvements for law enforcement officers and officials.

“Between the first and second reading, the budget has changed by 18 billion UAH. The state budget revenues have increased by 18 billion and the expenditures have increased by the same amount. That is, the government simply gave 100, 200, 300 million to various state bodies. To the Prosecutor’s Office, the Security Service, the Verkhovna Rada’s apparatus and so on.”

However, Ostrikova notes that the budget does not provide for the increase in subsidies.

“When we say that the 55 billion UAH of subsidies is not enough to cover all the heating costs that the population will pay, the government does not hear that. This amount has remained unchanged – 55 billion.

The financing of energy efficiency measures, the minimum wages have not been increased either. Meanwhile, the government declares its intentions to increase the tax burden on those enterprises that are already paying high officially declared salaries, instead of encouraging those paying envelope salaries to come out of the shadow.”

“We heard statements by the Minister of Social Policy that along with the budget package a bill that increased the tax burden on high officially declared salaries would be submitted, as well as stricter rules for individual entrepreneurs non-payers of alimonies would be introduced (prohibition of going abroad and prohibition of driving for improper payment of unified social tax). This is unacceptable,” Ostrikova is indignant.


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